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My imagination went wild this morning when I read this quote by physicist Richard Feynman, “science is imagination in a straitjacket.”   Transported into visionary bliss, while reading my new favorite book Hieroglyphic, Stories and Visions for a Better Future, I recalled a vision I had 35 years ago in a near-death experience:

I saw the earth from space and colorful images moved in enormous atmospheric rainbow rivers between separate lands.   Then all creatures merged into the fabric of one alive being. I realized I was only a single pore in this global organism. Breathing. Belonging. Blissfully grateful.

Imagining this phenomenal world vision inspires me to help create our upcoming image-based Digital Renaissance. How funny that this beautiful vision was ignited in my imagination this morning by the thought of a straitjacket, confined and limited, yet it took me to a place beyond boundaries. Our new frontier.

No matter where you are today, I would love to know what images are swimming in your imagination this morning and where they are taking you.