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Yesterday in my post, I made a mix media painting with my old business cards.  In the middle of the canvas, I placed a nautius shell.  For me the shell represented the ever changing world.

After photographing it for my blog, the nautilus shell grabbed my attention. I took it off the canvas and held it in my hand.  In my minds eye, I saw it as pendant on a choker.  Then my intuition guided me and 10 minutes later using fabric, a glue gun and my 14K necklace, it transformed into a new piece of jewelry.

We are always changing. Taking old treasured parts of ourselves and letting them go, takes courage. The strength of our creative muscles will pull together new forms if you let your intuition guide.

Give yourself room to play today. The attitude of gratitude makes all the mental stress disappear. Have fun! I sure did making this necklace!