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Dr. Andrea’s article is a very articulate expression of the distinction between the right and left hemisphere of our brain. I felt you would really enjoy it! Check out the video from my friend Jill Bolte Taylor. META living, is right brain dominant (naturally in service to the whole), and in complete partnership with the left brain. Tell me what you think about this post I’d love to hear from you.

Thriving Under Pressure

rightleftMy stroke of insight would be: peace is only a thought away, and all we have to do to access it is silence the voice of our dominating left mind.  Jill Bolte Taylor

Have you ever wondered how your best friend lives so freely “moment-to-moment” while your mind is imprisoned by thoughts of past events and/or planning of future events (so neatly) written in your (overly structured) daytimer?

Brain Hemispheric Specialization provides insight into why some of us are more present focused and able to “go with the flow” (Right Brain dominant); while others are busy planning their days with the step-by-step precision of a NASA engineer (Left Brain dominant).

Left and Right Brain

Brain and Behaviour

Despite being identical in structure, the two halves of the brain specialize in how they process information (e.g., Past vs. Present), and how they function (e.g., Verbal vs. Nonverbal).

Processing Differences

  • Left hemisphere

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