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Dr. Lisa Longworth has over 30 years of experience in consulting
with 15,000 individuals and leading 400o groups through creative metamorphosis.

Dr. Lisa’s Ph.D. is in psychology. She was a personal meditation teacher to Dr. Jonas Salk from 1985-1990, and during that time, was also mentored by him in the area of creativity and intuition in almost daily dialogues.  She has studied numerous spiritual traditions for the last 40 years including shamanism in the Amazon, Eastern meditation traditions of Advaita Vedanta, and Western mysticism.

A professional artist since 1975, her paintings have traveled the world with her lectures and workshops. Her paintings concepts were originally inspired by her artistic mentor, Francoise Gilot, a 10-year partner of Pablo Picasso.  Her doctoral dissertation, “The Creative Process as a Spiritual Path” published in 1998, documents her near-death experience after life-threatening brain surgery, and how creativity is essential in healing and evolving our species.  Her upcoming book, Cocoon to Butterfly, Creative Midlife Change for the Busy Person will be published in the Spring of 2017.



5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Gloria Martinez said:

    Your art is BEAUTIFUL! I too am a very colorful vibrant person. Your message is loving and kind. More should seek you. Life is good, and life is short. There is no time to waste. Begin now by stopping to smell the roses. Become the change.


  2. Doug Greenall said:

    Hi Lisa,

    Your art is gorgeous and original–a real pleasure!

    Doug (from Vancouver)


  3. I enjoyed reading your message. I, too, had a brain tumor. I was six years old, and I had mine in 1958. At that time, children were going blind and dying. I had a reoccurence when I was 21, and seziures in 2008. I have just in the past few years started to paint. I love your use of bright bold colors. I too paint with bright bold colors.
    You are an inspiration.


  4. Lisa, I’m wondering after all these years that have passed,they all have been positive for me, if you still have a memory of me… I thought of you recently as I was visiting the beautiful Meditation Gardens at Swamis or SRF temple. I would be interested in knowing more of your counciling practice and possibly gaining more spiritual steps I could be taking myself. Sincerely, Michael Miller


  5. Greg Murphy said:

    The “7 Simple Change Tools For The Busy Person,” are tools that are absolutely essential to any busy person! I especially relate to the “athlete” analogy. Similar to a physical training regime, I can envision implementing a weekly routine in which I focus on one of the tools on a specific day of the week until I become proficient in its application to my life. Once I have obtained proficiency, I anticipate incorporating two per day, allowing 2 or 3 days recuperation (recovery time just like physical training), but a high enough frequency to maximize the “exercise” results.

    Further reading of the shared experiences is oh so inspiring and encourages me to enthusiastically go about life’s activities. The art is so expressive and captures more than words can describe; I am sure the art is but the “tip of the iceberg” of the vibrant soul of the artist!


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