Dr. Lisa counsels individuals in her Cocoon to Butterfly-Creative Midlife Change program helping them develop mindfulness, deepen intuition and access ull creativity. Dr. Lisa Longworth has over 30 years of experience in counseling with 15,000 individuals and leading 400o groups through creative metamorphosis.

Dr. Lisa’s Ph.D. is in psychology. She was a personal meditation teacher to Dr. Jonas Salk from 1985-1990, and during that time, was also mentored by him in the area of creativity and intuition in almost daily dialogues.  She has studied numerous spiritual traditions for the last 40 years including shamanism in the Amazon, the Eastern meditation traditions of Advaita Vedanta, and Western mysticism.

A professional artist since 1975, her paintings have traveled the world with her lectures and workshops. Her paintings concepts were originally inspired  by her artistic mentor, Francoise Gilot, a 10-year partner of Pablo Picasso.  Her doctoral dissertation, “The Creative Process as a Spiritual Path”, published in 1998, shares her near-death experience after life threatening brain surgery as well as her mentors and spiritual adventures integrating her original META experience.